A Review On Emanuela De Paula Instagram Posting Behavior

Emanuela de Paula

She is a model born on April 25th 1989 in Cabo de Santo AgostinhoPernambucoBrazil making her 29 years old. Her mother is White Brazilian and father is Afro Brazilian. She is one of the top black models in the fashion industry. Emanuela de Paula started her modeling career in the very young age which is 15. The first modeling agency which she got accepted for was Marilyn Agency.

A Review On Emanuela De Paula Instagram Posting Behavior

Her modeling season was started in the New York City. The model has worked with all the top photographers and the brands. Top brands like Victoria’s Secret, Tommy Hilfiger, Sephora, Vogue, Allure, Marie Claire, Women’s Wear Daily and Top Shop. The model has been the face of the Next campaign along some other supermodels. Emanuela de Paula’s recent modeling agency is the Ford Models Agency in New York and also Elite Model Management in Paris, France and London, England.

Instagram presence

Emanuela de Paula is one of the most famous models. She has 92 thousand followers making her really active on Instagram. She loves to post her pictures which consists of different experiences she is going through her life. Recently the model has shared her pregnancy on the Instagram by posting pictures of her and her husband. She also shared her pictures celebrating the International Women’s day by capturing the essence of the child bearing aspect of women. She also loves to share the moments with her family celebrating any type of holiday or event. Sharing the love moments with her boyfriend is really great as it leaves such a positive impact on the followers which the model has. She also motivates her followers by sharing good pictures with hashtags like feeling good on Monday.

Other Interests

Other than the modeling pictures which you will find in the Instagram account of Emanuela de Paula, the model has also other interests like cooking for instance. She has shared some of her pictures where she is learning to make dough. Her followers will find her just being positive and happy in all of her pictures where she is sharing the love for her country, work and family to the whole world. The model is also interested in reading books which she has also shared some pictures where she is reading a book in a beach.

A Review On Emanuela De Paula Instagram Posting Behavior


Emanuela de Paula is a successful model making her one time one of the top paid models in U.S. According to the Forbes magazine, she was at the eleventh spot in highly paid supermodels in 2009. The model is also have been praised by the modeling legend Naomi Campbell and Anna Wintour of Vogue fashion magazine. She does a great thing where she goes not so hard on the social media platforms. Emanuela de Paula loves to post her pictures by sharing positive experience with her followers which is a great thing to do.

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