How Smart Targeting Could Be Used For Reducing Ad Spending On Facebook

Stories has the been the top trend for the last two years. Facebook has introduced this feature into all of its platforms. Even the advertisements and marketing of the brands and businesses are being shifted to the story feature. The reason behind is that it is more cheap for the brands and business to market or advertise their content through stories as compared to the regular advertisements or marketing through normal ads posting. Many major brands and businesses are shifting their ads budget to the story feature as it gives them effective outcome. So it is up to the marketers that how they effectively use the story feature and gets the attention from the audience they want. These are some of the tips to create effective stories.

Creating Ad Campaigns Using Facebook Ads Manager

Marketers Creativity

First tip is that the marketers should go for creativity because it is one of the main things that can influence the audience so it is better to create a narrative story using creativity for marketing the brands’ products or services. Try to keep the stories simple or raw as possible so that it gives that feel of a normal story which many people find it interesting.

Creating Ad Campaigns Using Facebook Ads Manager

Format of Stories

Second important tip is that before posting any stories look out for the specifications of the stories that which format are best for videos and images so that it can be effective as more as possible. Another important tip is that try to keep the stories simple because too much information confuses the viewer and there are more chances that the user will ignore these kind of stories.

Importance of Facebook Ads

Facebook also allows the users to create their ad campaigns which helps a lot in terms of marketing or advertising in a proper manner. Through the Facebook Ads manager the user can simply select their ad’s objective which will state that what the ads campaign targets to like does the brand wants to provide the brand awareness, improving the audience reach, installation of apps or just converging the internet traffic towards the brand’s official website. The user can also specify the audience age, gender, location and other specifications which the user can imply in order to put more filters for the audience. These filters targets specifically to that set of people who lies onto these filters. This helps the brands to specifically target the audience. There are other settings and options for the users to create the ads campaigns like the user can choose that the ads should be posted in normal feed or in stories. Facebook also give the users the option of setting their ads schedule and budget in a very simple way. Users can simply choose the time or days that they want their ads to appear into the social media platform. The user can add links of their blogs or official websites of their brands or businesses. Users can also choose that how they want to ads to look like in a structure wise. All these things helps to create an effective ad campaign.

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