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Instagram being one of the best social media platforms when it comes to pictures sharing and for advertisements and marketing purposes. Now Instagram is finding more and more ways to make it better for the users to fully present their profile in their own way. The use of colors and themes they like to apply on their profile. The overall grid or layout of the profile is used in such a way that it creates a clear-cut message for the viewers that what they are expecting from this profile or Instagram page. There are few tools that the users can use in order to maintain the Instagram profile to attract more and more followers.


planoly: Instagram profile managing tool

is the first tool that comes to mind when the purpose is to manage Instagram posts or manage the profile outlook. This application is compatible with the mobile platform and the desktop platform. The users are allowed to create their own hashtags, plans related to the Instagram profile, and also scheduling of posts.

The Preview App

Yhe Preview App: Instagram Profile and Marketing Managing App

Another application for managing the Instagram profile as a whole or specifically changing the outlook of the Instagram profile can be done through The Preview App. Just like Planoly, this app is designed for managing the Instagram posts, stories and also managing the Instagram profile in terms of setting up the grid, setting up a schedule for the Instagram stories and posts.

Users can post their pictures without any charge. There is no limit to the pictures posting. Users are allowed to change the order of the pictures inside the profile along with the theme color of the whole profile. There is also an option of the usual settings that you will find in every picture app which is the options of cropping, editing the pictures. Users can add their own personal hashtags to their pictures.


Manage Your Instagram Profile Using UNUM

Just like the above two tools, there is also another tool that deals with managing the Instagram profile and things related to this. The name of this tool is UNUM. This app allows the users to hide their posts from certain people which you can always state the names into the settings. Users can easily add their pictures by the order they like to. The UNUM app provides an option to the users of setting the posts as a reminder. The app can remind the users to post their pictures which they want to post. The user can simply configure all the settings which help in setting up custom posts that involve scheduled posts.

There is another app like this but it is more of a basic app which deals with managing Instagram profiles in a limited manner. There is limited pictures uploading option without charge. Users can set the grid of the Instagram profile just like in the other applications which deal with these tasks. Users should know the approach to encounter the need of setting up a suitable outlook for the Instagram profile so the users can improve the audience reach through their attractive profile.

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