Fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) are products that are sold at a low cost. Fmcg brands include non-durable goods such as beverages, consumables and packaged foods. Fast moving consumers goods are sold quickly because of their low cost. Fmcg products have low market life and it’s because either they have high demands or as a result of fast deterioration. Fmcg products include meats, vegetables, fruits and baked goods which are unpreserved and other goods such as soft drinks, toiletries and candies have high turnover rates. Sale rates sometimes dependent on holiday or by discounts offered.Social media merketing

FMCG brands

Fast moving consumer brand sector is one of the toughest sectors to succeed in and it is the birth place of modern branding. The competition has always been severe and now it’s more challenging then ever to fight for wallet share. The well-establish brands that makes fmcg dominated around the globe, such as coco-cola, Henkel and Kraft, they make Fmcg industry a multi-billion-dollar division.

Importance of celebrity endorsements

Celebrity endorsements is a technique of the advertising campaign or of the brand to involve a public figure such as celebrities to use their fame to help promote the brand’s product. Celebrity endorsement is common in the business of clothing and perfumes. Now a days fmcg products use celebrity endorsement to increase their sale by ways such as tv Ads, billboard and marketing of their products on social media. In the past decade celebrity advertisement has been dominant and successful method of advertising. Famous people are used for advertising because they are been followed by a large number of people. Through questionnaire a calculable method is used to examine the opinion of consumers about the celebrity advertisement. The data is collected with 500 consumers as sample and is then analyzed with statistical tools such as parameter T test. The result of these analyzes showed that celebrity endorsement has a positive effect on consumers of fmcg.

Brand loyalty

In every business creating brand loyalty is one of the most important things to do for the company. Many companies focus only on price competition and only those with deepest pockets win in this case, this is the mistake these companies make. It is not always about the cheapest product, some of the consumers focuses on the quality and value of the product. A product which meets consumers needs on different levels and have a trust on its brand, many are willing to pay more for a brand like this. It’s important to know that value does not mean just price it’s a mix of so many other things such as what the brand offers to you, their promises, brand culture, brand reputation, brand value, customer experience and how they work to satisfy peoples, these are the factors that contribute to enhance the brand value.

Marketing FMCG

A brand never stops trying to achieve more success, that’s the reason brands are consistently creating new products or bringing a change to the old ones. They create authentic customer experience through their consumable products. These brands target audience a more convincing reason to buy their products and create brand awareness through brands personalities, promises and total brand world by itself, which makes it irresistible for customers.

Study’s purpose 

The role of celebrities in advertisement is not about being attractive but they also make up some meaning which the customers finds fascinating and useful. This way consumers consider the product as having superior quality because it was recommended by a credible source. 

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